Sunt dr.veterinar Luca Liviu din Iasi liber profesionist, acord asistenta veterinara, vaccinari, diferite operatii, tuns catei si pisici, spalat, cazare pentru pisicute si catei intr-un mediu foarte placut la curte, ma deplasez pentru a acora asistenta veterinara pentru orice specie si rasa de animal, zilnic, iar pentru urgente 24 de ore din 24 pentru ca animalutele voastre sa fie in siguranta.

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Dr. veterinar Luca Liviu

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    Data: 2013-07-18 20:58:01

    Erin Yap is a silly fool who has no compassion or love for liinvg things and a mere, unashamed mouthpiece for another fool called Anthony Thanasayan. If Anthony Thanasayan had been born a dog, he would have been put down at birth for being... disabled - unless he had had the good fortune been rescued by an animal welfare group like MDDB who would have taken him in and loved and nurtured him, despite being desperately short of funds. Being born a disabled human being though, he was already spared the fate of euthanasia. If his parents hadn´t had love for him, they could have abandoned him to be brought up in a care facility for disabled children. Yet another cruel fate that he has not had to endure. Most tragically for Anthony Thanasayan is that he was born ungrateful - the biggest disability of all - because he cannot see that it is through the care, kindness and compassion of his dogs that he is able to live a fulfilling life. If his dogs didn´t help him the way they do everyday, he would still be stuck in a sad world of helplessness, a wheelchair bound cripple, dependent on people for help to do even the simplest of daily tasks. Yet, Anthony Thanasayan is so ungrateful that he does nothing to advocate for the welfare of the most helpless and voiceless of his dog helpers - stray dogs. Instead, he champions their destruction and uses the flimsiest of arguments in favour of destroying stray dogs - a lack of quality of life.Really Anthony Thanasayan? You want to use quality of life as a standard to determine who lives or who dies? In that case, Anthony Thanasayan should have been killed off a long time ago because by his own admission, before the advent of his dogs, he had no quality of life. If you have men who will exclude any of God´s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men (St. Francis of Assisi)Think twice who you pick as your friends or to help. I know Erin Yap and Anthony Thanasayan are not the kind of people I´d allow anywhere near me. [url=]agowlaf[/url] [link=]srcctcnu[/link]

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    Data: 2013-07-17 00:59:40

    ValentinaJanuary 29, 2012 Domnul Doctor Razvan Pelin,cel mai bun doctor din cati am incracet,are rabdare,intelegere,vorbeste frumos si e o persoana cu suflet mare. Sa ii dea Dumnezeu sanatate si sa nu plece de la cabinetul de pe Calea Ferentari !!!!!